Water Damage Photo Gallery

Hole in ceiling surrounded by water stains.

Attic Water Leak Leads To Ceiling Caving In

A water leak in your attic can result in your ceiling caving in if enough water has time to accumulate. This is why it is important to call our SERVPRO of Oak Ridge team as quickly as possible after noticing the slightest sign of water damage. Even if the damage isn't too severe, our team can guide you in the right direction to keep your property from suffering from any more damage.

Ceiling in hallway caved in from water damage.

Call When You Notice The First Signs Of Damage

Calling our SERVPRO of Oak Ridge crew as soon as you notice the first signs of water damage in your Norris home or business can potentially prevent the water from causing a ton of damage as pictured above.

Standing water in garage.

Standing Water in Garage After Storm in Norris

A storm in the Norris, TN, area can leave your home with significant damage. The homeowners in this home woke up one morning and discovered standing water in their garage as well as their entryway and laundry room.

Busted Pipe

This is a busted pipe from a home in Oak Ridge. SERVPRO of Oak Ridge had to come in and repair the busted pipe. SERVPRO of Oak Ridge can repair any type of water damage to your home. 

Thermal Imaging Cameras Used for Detection

The use of thermal imaging cameras can be a beneficial tool when trying to find hidden moisture within wall cavities and building content. Specializing in reading temperature differentials, they can help track the migration of water through brick walls, hidden insulation, and more.

Powerful Air Movers Help Drying Process

Air Movers are used during water damage restoration to help speed the drying and dehumidification process. Placed properly, they can drastically speed up the time it takes to bring a property back to preloss condition.

Plastic tent covering gymnasium floor.

Gymnasium Flood In Oak Ridge, Tennessee

This gymnasium suffered a flood due to a sprinkler system. The entire gymnasium floor was under 2" of water. Acting quickly, SERVPRO of Oak Ridge was able to extract water, tent the flooring for drying, and use specialized drying equipment to save the floor from buckling.

Hotel Flood Water Damage

Hotel Flood in Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Here To Help Businesses

This hotel suffered a large flood that affected all 3 floors, 36 rooms, because a water supply line failed on the third floor. Our team of experts at SERVPRO of Oak Ridge were able to extract all the water and dry up the affected area using a a specialized desiccant dehumidifier. The hotel was back up and running within two weeks because of our emergency restoration services

Carpet Water Damage in Bedroom

Bedroom Water Damage

SERVPRO of Oak Ridge came into this home and was able to remove water damage in the bedroom and throughout the home. Our advanced dehumidifiers were used to remove the water from the carpet. Because of our fast and efficient team, this Oak Ridge home was back to normal in no time.