Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storm Damage Oak Ridge, TN

Storm damage to this Oak Ridge home was caused by a band of thunderstorms carrying high winds. Several rooms were drenched from roof and window damage which allowed the rains to enter the rooms. We worked around the clock to clean up the water and repaired the damage to the building. The property owner was grateful for the efficiency our crews brought to the project.

Roof Collapsed In Oak Ridge Home

Our customer had no idea that the vibrations from trains passing by his house could damage his home. One day the gradual weakening of the structure caused a complete collapse of his ceiling, snowing old insulation everywhere! SERVPRO came to the rescue and made his home livable again.

Backpack HEPA Vacuum

Backpack HEPA vacuums are an invaluable tool when trying to remove particulate matter and debris that may be contaminated with microbial growth (mold). HEPA filtrated systems remove 99.97% of all particulate matter .3 microns or larger. Their ease of use in attics, crawlspaces, and on ladders makes them a useful tool in remediation.

SERVPRO Storm Response Team

Here is SERVPRO of Oak Ridge, hitting the road again during Hurricane Sandy to go and help areas in need. SERVPRO travels during most major storms, enlarging the local franchises' capabilities. SERVPRO of Oak Ridge's storm trailer is always loaded and ready to hit the road, whether local or cross country.

Frozen Pipes at Oak Ridge Airport

Due to frozen pipes from the Polar Vortex, this private airport in Oak Ridge suffered a water damage that affected all office and the airplane hanger. Using a desiccant dehumidifier placed outside, SERVPRO of Oak Ridge was able to dry the structure quickly and successfully, allowing them full operational use of the airport during the process.

Stairway leading up to attic.

Storm Damage Oak Ridge, TN

This is the aftermath of storm damage and wind damage from a home in Oak Ridge, TN. The damage caused water and debris to come into the attic and the ceiling. SERVPRO of Oak Ridge was able to come in a repair all the damage. The homeowners were very impressed and please with the repair to their home.